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Holy R are of 38 types and upto sixteen faces. The rosary of Rudraksha is very auspicious and draws can have man near the Almighty. In all religious, use of BEAD has been prescribed and recommended. According to Hindu mythology, use of R rosary is of signification that LORD SHIVA bestows all his blessings upon the user. It has miraculous effect on our body., mind and soul, used as prepitiation to planetary affictions.

According to the Hindu religion, once there was a DATIYA (Demon) named TRIPURASUR who was uncon querable. Brahma, Vishnu and other Devtas were tired of him and were being teased by him. They approached Lord SHIVA and requested HIM to help them get rid off him. Lord SHIVA thought to use his special fire weapon named AAGHOR (equivalent to modern day balistic messile). Lord SHIVA used that weapon to destroy Tripurasur. During the use of this weapon, Lord SHIVA could not open his eyes and when HE opened them, the eyes became watery, and a few drops of water fell on the earth. These drops later appeared in the shape of trees which are called R trees (Scientific name Elaeocarpus Gamtrus Roxb). The fruits of this tree is called R. There are 38 types of R and upto sixteen faces, of these 12 types have been assigned to SUN. 10 to Fire and 16 to MOON.
According to the sizes of Rudrakshas, the smallest size of R is more auspicious than the bigger size gradually upward.
Various Uses Of Rudraksha
Each type of R has specific significations which are provided in brief here after. In general by the use of R rosary, the diseases of blood, heart beating and heart attacks are controlled. Even problems of Nervous System (CNS) are also cured. It takes out the extra heat of the body. Its use protects from Small pox, heals wounds caused by bites of poisonous snakes and other insects.
Use of R increases Sadhna and prayer power, helps in sound sleep, frees the mind from fear of Yamraj, Ghosts and Souls. If a barren lady uses R, she will definitely be blessed with a male child, helps awakening of Kundalini, and protects the wearer from bodily diseases.
To get the Best Results, use of only original specified faced R properly empowred by specific Mantras should be worn and one should keep fast on full Mondays, Amavas (no Monday) and Sankaranti days.
Tips To Recognize Original RUDRAKSHA   
  • When original R is put in a glass full of water, it will dip and it will Not Float,. In case it is made of wood or is infected with insects it will float on the water.
  • In case a ripped R is closed in a fist and when taken near the ear and moved, will emt a pleasant sound.
  • If original R is placed between two Copper Coins, it will moved when pressed.
  • The original R is round, raised at places, has hard and rough surface.
  • In natural R, one will find a shine and a greasiness which appears after its continuous use by wearing and using it as rosary.
  • R has always rough surface and is not thorny. Thorny surfaced R is artificial.
  • R of smaller size is always help in high esteem than bigger size. Smaller size is mere effective.
  • Natural R has no hole in it, these are made later on. The pieses, which has hole in a natural way is most auspicious.
  • In natural R, the lines are not equidistant, but in artificial one, these are formed curved at equidistant.
It is very very rare and is ascribed to Lord SHIVA. The use of this R is in neck blesses the native with power, authority, wealth and all comforts of life and above all the Sadhaka has darshan of his Derty. The place where its pooja is performed, wealth remains in abundance, all troubles are vanished and people of that house lead a comfortable life. The Sadhaka gets Bhakti, Mukti and satisfaction of mind. The controlling planet is SUN and is very helpful for protecting from evil effects of SUN such as government disfavour, headache, eye trouble, bile and liver complaints. Gives rise in status and power. Makes the person equivalent to King / Ruler and provides all around comforts and provides exceptional cosmic powers.


This is ruled by Lord SHIVA and Mata PARVATI. Use of this in form of rosary or a single bead blesses the native with the blessings of both the Derties. It brings an end of Tamsic habits . Its use is good for concentration of minds, satisfaction of mind and for spiritual upliftment. Pregnant ladies should wear it around their waist or on the arm for successful birth of child. This Rudraksha is exceptionally helpful for Vashikaran purposes. Its ruling planet is MOON as is useful in making the mind feel calm and also helps in wishfulfilment. Very good for lovers.   


Is ascribed to TRIFIRE. Use of the same keeps one free from all types of bad luck arising therefrom. It is the best for attaining wealth and education (especially where research is to be carried out). The fever which is of interminent in nature is effectively cured by its use. It protects the Sadhak against accidents, troubles and deceit. Its ruling planet is MARS and it pacifies evils of Mars viz. land litigations, widowhood, blood poisoning and accidents while in journey (road accidents) it is effective in protection against snake bites.


This is ascribed to Lord BRAHMA. The use of this blesses the man with wealth, good health and prosperity. Its use increases intellect and power of speech. Is very good for orators and salesmen. This is also useful for Vashikaran, Akarshan and for enhancing sexual prowess. If one boils it in milk and takes milk for 21 days, it stimulates the mind and removes worries. Its ruling planet is Mercury and its use bestows sweetness in speech, increases popularity, respect in ones own clan. Is found very useful in curing stammering. It is must for students, researchers, scholors, astrologers and mathematics. Even barren ladies can expect conception if a genuine four faced R is worn after proper energyfication.


Is ascribed to Kalingan (Panch Brahma) and its use leads to the blessings of Lord BRAHMA and Lord SHIVA. Bestows on the Sadhak popularity, all comforts, peace of mind and good fame. It clears away sin of adultary and glutony. Its ruling planet is Jupiter. One gets vital powers, wealth, knowledge, fortune and happiness by wearing it. It indicates Moksha and fulfills all desires. Effective against coustipation and other digestive system ailments. Shastras prescribe only three beads of this R to be worn.


Is ascribed to Lord KARTIK, a few ascribe it to Lord GANESHA. Both are sons of Lord SHIVA. The males should wear this in a bracelet in the right arm for deriving all comforts of life. Very effective for educational success. Students who are backward in their studies, gain intelligence and inspiration to take interest in their studies and then come out successful in their examination. It also shows miraculous effects for hysteria, fainting, fits and other feminine diseases. This is very useful for prepitiation of Venus.


Is ascribed to SAPTRISHIES. Its use blesses the native with respect, wealth and spiritual powers. Very good for learning Mohini Vidya. Effective use of Seven faced R blesses the Sadhaka with secret wealth, ladies Vashikaran, destruction of enemies, etc. Evils of SATURN is checked. Sadhaka facing SadeSati (evil effect of malefic Saturn) should wear this R for better results. A lover wanting to woo his / her love should wear rosary to get the grace of CUPID / KAMADVA.


Is ascribed to Goddess BHAGWATI. This is beneficial particularly for longevity, popularity, education and good health. Maa Bhagwati showers her blessings with her 8 arms on the Sadhaka and the wearer never remains in want, his past sins are washed out and he gets name, fame and prosperity. Wearing this R is benificial for longivity, popularity, good health and the evils effects of RAHU are washed away.


Is ascribed to BHAIRON, YAM and KAPIL MUNI. In South India many devotees use it in left arm during Navratras for blessings of MAA DURGA. This is auspicious for spiritual attainments, wealth, property and other worldly affairs. It is ruled by KETU and is very effective to check Abortions. The native enjoys wealth, family comforts, childeren's welfare and fulfillment of hopes and desires. It is like a protective charm against black magic and all evil eye.


Is ascribed to Lord VISHNU / JANARDANA. The user is protected from malefic influence of all planets, evil effects of soul etc. Is very effective against fear from snakes, litigations and imprisonment, etc. In Tantrik, it carries a special importance. The person who wears in neck is safe from all Tantrik attacks of Maran, Mohan and Akal Mrityu. It is very effective in curing hooping cough. All the nine planets are prepitiated through its use and user gets all round happiness and protects from evil spirits.


Is ascribed to Lord INDRA. It is highly benefic possessing eleven strong of eleven derties. It should be kept in house, place of pooja and in cash safe. It is specially useful for ladies, it blesses the ladies with a husband of long age, progressive thinking and wealthy also. The mind is controlled, has wealth and finally becomes Param Yogi. It is used for Mohan purposes in Tantrik. It is said that after purification, if a lady wears it, she is surely blessed with a male child.


Is ascribed to Lord VISHNU. Twelve devas are termed its head. To wear and use indicates comforts, employment and blessings of Derties in life. The wearer becomes a favourite of Goddess Lakshmi. thereby becoming very rich and prosperous. This bestows progeny and removes the difficulties of life, protects against theft, fulfillment of hopes to the Sadhaka who wears it. Rulers, Kings who want to rule over the world and amass lots of wealth and riches should use it constantly.


Is ascribed to Lord VISHVA DEVAS. The user gains Moksha, conquers all his desires, ambitious and is endowned with good health, wealth and comforts of life. The Sadhaka is blessed with power of Siddhi, Vashikaran etc. Is ruled by Kamadev (Cupid) and the Sadhaka attains the power to attract to anybody, and attains his desires. This R is termed best for divine powers and for attainment of desires.


Is ascribed to Lord SHIVA. It is also believed and devoted to HANUMANJI. It cures diseases and bestows alll comforts of life. If It is boiled in milk which be drunk for 21 days, the man gets relief from all worries. Makes the Sadhak totally fearless and makes him totally strong witted. Is very good for military / para military persons, ministers and heads of institutions where a factor of authority and risk are present. This gives courage, protects one at the time of adversity, removes the difficulties and the person will get highest position of authority.

As the name implies, is ascribed to Lord SHANKER and Mata PARVATI. Its use in proper manner, brings the grace of both the powers. If used after energification and proper Sadhana is done, the Sadhaka can attain even the unattainable desires. He will really become the favourite of Lord SHIVA and Mata PARVATI and will enjoy all fruits of life not only in this birth but also for future seven births. Gauri Shanker R is the best R for attaining Siddhi and also darshan of Isht without much friction.

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