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Several things need careful consideration while going in for construction of a building. The most important of all these is selecting the right plot or site. Sand and its surroundings bring peace and harmony or pains and sorrows in life. Thus it is always advisible to consult an expert on Vastu Shastra before buying a plot or purchasing a house, flat or other buildings instead of calling him in at a later stage to design the building, do supervision and other work. By the time the damage would have already been done.


According to Vastu Shastra, a plot or site of land should not be purchased :

1) From those who became insolvent

2) From person suffering from leprosy

3) From lunatics

4) From people who have left the country, etc.
Similarly, land donated to temple, alloted to watchman of village or colony, land in possession of charitable trusts, land without any title deed should not be purchased. Land containing boulders, ant hills, worm hills, bones and skeleton etc, should not be acquired.


Plot facing East is good for scholars, philosphers, priests, professors, teachers etc.

Plot facing North is good for those in power, administration and those who work for government.

Plot facing South is good for business class and for those who work in business organisation.

Plot facing West is for those who provide supporting services to the society.


This is most important. If the sorrundings are not good, we suffer in many ways.

* Plots which are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.

* A river or big canal nearby and if it is in North side and water flows from West to East, it is good.
   Similarly if it is on East side of the plot with water flowing from South to North, that is also good.
   But plots with rivers or canal flowing on West or South side of the plot should be avoided.

* Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc on the Southern, South West and Western sides of
   the plot is good : in other sides, it will mar the progress.

* There should be no graveyard, cemetry or tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or back.
* Location of temples near the plot also affect the immates. Temple on the right side of a plot cause
   material loss, on the left, grief and sorrow, in front, obstruction to progress and in the 100 feet
   apart, those disastrous result are avoided.
* Similarly plot very near to Cinema-theatres, schools and colleages are to be avoided.


If there are obstructions of the undernoted types before main gate of the plot, following problems will arise as per BRAHUSANHITHA.

  1. Big Tree-obstruction to the progress of children,

  2. Gutter or Ditch-grief,

  3. Open well- mental problem,

  4. Corner of another building-mental unrest,

  5. Water drain-draining of income by unwanted expenses,

  6. Straight street-affecting longivity of inmates,

  7. Dilapitated house or walls-affecting prosperity,

  8. Staircase railings-sadness,

  9. Pillars; Electric and telephone post-affecting females.

According to VASTURAJ VALLABH and BRAHUSANHITA these are called VEDH DOSHA. But in between the plot and obstacles if there is a public road, these deficiencies are nullified.

Similarly, if the distance between the obstacles and the house is two times the height of the house, these deficiencies will have no effect. For example, if the height of the house is 11 feet and if the obstructions are more than 22 feet away, Vedh Dosha vanishes.


The surroundings of our neighbouring houses on all sides also affect us.

  • Rain water falling from the roofs of neighbours should not flow into our plot particularly from North or East direaction.

  • The affluent of neighbour should not flow into our plot.

  • In the North East side of the plot high-rise or tall buildings should not be there because such high rise buildings give rise to mental unrest. But if they are in South, South West or Western sides that will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.

  • In between two neighbouring big plots, a smaller plot should not be purchased. Similarly between two tall buildings, a small house should not be bought. This will make the buyer poorer day by day.  

A plot measuring 180 feet By 100 feet (180*100) was purchased by three parties.

Here the person who bought plot C turns out to be most prosperous while owner of plot B has to face all sorts of trouble.

CHECKING UP MATERIALS that come up while doing excavation for construction.



1. Stone Increase of wealth
2. Bricks All types of wealth and prosperity in future
3. Copper or Metals Prosperous life
4. Coal Sickness and loss of wealth 
5. Bones of animals Obstacles to progress
6. Snake or Scorpion Fear of these animals and obstruction to building's progress
7. Anthill, Termites Destruction of wealth, reduction in longivity of life
8. Straw, eggs Death, Unnecessary expenses
9. Cotton Sorrow
10. Pieces of wood Has to abondon the house and run away
11. Skull Unwanted quarrels, litigation
12. Horns of cow wealth and prosperity
13. Gold, Silver, Coins All type of comforts
14. Zinc, Brass pieces Fortune and comforts
15. Rags (torn clothes) Quarrels and fights
16. Iron or steel pieces Death



If the soil is found defective as above it must be purified or cleansed before starting any construction in the plot. Shastras have laid many ways for getting rid of SHALYA DOSH.


Slope, size, shape, direction, proportion, location of openings, sorroundings, etc. of a plot have significant influence both positive and negative, on the inmates of building constructed on it. According to Vastu Shastra the shape of the ground surface also influences the fortune of the occupants. As a rule the plot should be elevated in South and West directions, sloping (declining) towards East and North so that water flows from West to East and from South to North. This type of plot brings joy and happiness, good children and all the success in life to the occupants of the building erected on it. According to Shastras a plot is divided into two parts like this :  -  -  -

The Moon's place that is South Western portion of the plot should be elevated and the Sun's place, that is North and Eastern portion should be at lower level. Such a plot will bring joy and happiness, good children and success in life to that family. On the other hand, if Sun's place is elevated and Moon's place is depressed, the owner and family of that house will become poorer day by day, suffer from diseases and get entangled in quarrels and litigations and lose everything gradually. Following diagram shows the effects of slope, that is low level or depression at each corner.

The slope towards mid point, that is all sides elevated but mid point depressed means continuously fighting with diseases and losing every thing. If only Southern direction remains high leveled, it will bring bad effects. Sometimes even death will result.

                There are several permutations and combinations of steep and low levels in different directions with varying effects. A Vastu consultant will be of real help in selecting the right plot for size.

Another important point to be kept in view is that the plot should not be too high or too low in level to the abutting roads.


Bigger the size, it is better.



Like different sizes and shapes of human beings, plots available are also of different shapes and sizes. The summarised effects on the inmates of plot of different shaped plot are :

Serial No. Shape of the plot Figure Effects
1. Square (all corners straight and at 90°) shaped

Very auspicious, brings health,wealth and happiness.
2. Rectangular Shaped

Good and auspicious. Brings all round prosperity.
3. Circular Shaped   Good for constructing circular Shaped buildings only.
4. Wheel Shaped Owner loses financial status and faces poverty.
5. Odd Shaped (irregular shaped) Causes all types or problems and poverty.
6. Triangular Shaped Affects progress and causes problems from government.
7. Bhadarshan Shaped Not good for residence. Can be used for special type of buildings like government buildings only.
8. Cart Shaped Causes wants and poverty, even imprisonment. The owner has to run here and there like a Cart.
9. Long bar Shaped Not good if used for cattle shed, the cattle reared here perish.
10. Damru shaped (a tiny size musical damru with deep bend in the middle) Will have very bad effect on the eye sight of inmates. Also everyone in the house will lose discretion fright judgement.
11. Visham Bahu (disproportionate shouldered) Affects health, involves in mates in court litigations, drives them to poverty.
12. Drum or Dholak or Mirdung Shaped Will cause loss of wife and other female members of the family
13. Hand-Pan Shaped Creates loss of wealth, cattle etc. This can be corrected and used if other aspects conform to Vastu principles.
14. Varahan Mukhi Akaar (pig faced Shaped)  Causes death of brothers and relatives.
15. Turtle shaped plot Causes to the owner and his family members imprisonment, untimely death and murders.
16. Window shaped plot (used for hand winnowing to separate grains from chaff) The inmates of this plot lose mental peace and face poverty.
17. Bow shaped plot Inmates of this plot face fear of theft, loot, attack by enemies etc.
18. Muslakar plot (long oval like plot with cut in one side) It brings enmity and loss of friendship
19. Hexagon shaped plot This is considered good if all other Vastu principles are followed. Is said to be helpful in progress of family members.
20. Ellipitical plot (a regular oval shaped) Loss in many ways like money, women and respect.
21. Polygonal plot (Panch Mukh) Such plot should not be inhabited before making it a rectangular plot otherwise it will bring legal litigations and false allegations.
22. Octagonal (Astha Kon) plot Is auspicious and will bring all round prosperity.
23. Pot type plot People who live on this plot face problems and obstacles for progress.
24. Simha Mukh (lion faced) like a lion's face wider in front Not good for residential purposes. Is very auspicious for business organisation.
25. Gaumukh (cow faced) like a cows face narrow in front Auspicious provided the roads are in Southern and Westeren sides of plot.



Plots are always not available in the shape of perfect square, rectangular or quarrangle. Projections means an additional space which when substracted from the plot, makes it a regular square or rectangle. While retraction means an additional space which when added to the plot, makes it a regular square or rectangle. The effects of projections, retractions and closing of corners or the inmates are as follows :

1. North East Health, wealth, happiness and progress will be the results.
2. North East projected towards as well as North Wealth and prosperity, peace of mind and plenty.
3. North-West projected at West Good for women organisations and politicians.
4. North West projected North Suffering of women, mental problems, heavy expenditure and losses in business.
5. South East extended at East Losses and harrasment by government.
6. South East extended at South Health problems, litigations decline in income.
7. South West extended at South Misery to women folk and sickness.
8. South West extended at West Bad names to makes, mental problems to women, loss of wealth.


9. North East Mars progress and prospects. Loss of children and wealth. Mental unrest and sickness leading to happiness allaround.
10. North West Disease, loss of wealth, fear of life and theft.
11. South East Poverty and diseases
12. South West Sickness of wife, mental worry and unhappiness.


13. North East Disastrous
14. South East Wealth will be destroyed and children's progress in affected.
15. North West Progress of the family will be effected leading to bankrupty and mental problems.
16. South West Permitted without blocking the pathway.


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