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Pyramids have been an integral part of the Egyptian and Mayan cultures. The ancient Vedas have references to Pyramid Geometry. Pyramid Geometric Energy has been used by most enlightened societies around the world. Temples, churches, mosques, and pagodas, have a Pyramid shaped structure atop. Temples have a `shikhar' - Church has a steeple - Mosques and Pagodas have a cone shaped minaret or roof.

`Shikhar', Steeple, and Minarets are essentially Pyramid Shapes. Cone is a Pyramid with innumerous sides (circle is made up of innumerous lines).

Pyramid Geometry, attracts all available Energy Particles from its surrounding. Dome Geometry, stores the Energy Force Field. All religious buildings are built with Pyramid and Dome synthesis.

When you enter any religious building, at once you are overwhelmed, by the unique, soothing environment.

Pyramid has been found to exist in over 40 places around the globe including in the Himalayas.

About 6,000 years ago, Egyptians were the first to use Pyramids for preserving dead body cells. Mayans used it for religious ceremonies.

Our organizational structures are Pyramidal - One person at the top and the hierarchy expanding down the line.

The Creation itself is in Pyramid Geometry:-

Before the Creational-Process began, there was only One Kinetic Energy - of The Supreme Creator (Universal Soul) - His pattern was Uni-Polar - Love being His attribute (Inward Attraction) - Gravity is a reflection of this Uni-Polar energy pattern and each Energy System has it.

At a lower level - a new energy pattern emerged - of Universal Mind - Desire being the attribute - the Uni-Polar Energy Pattern turned Bi-Polar at this level - Inward and Outward - Revolution and Rotation - Yin and Yang - Positive and Negative - our breathing (Prana), are reflections of this energy pattern.

As a consequence of the emergence of bi-polar energy system, a third energy pattern spontaneously emerged - from the inter-action between Universal Soul and Universal Mind - like the intermediate pole of a Magnet - Bi-Polar energy pattern turned Multi-Polar - Triguna - Sat - Raj - and Tam, are the attributes - the energy triangle (Trinity) is a reflection of this energy pattern.

At a still lower level, each of the 3 Energy Patterns, emerged in 4 different forms (Infinite, Gasious, Fluid, and Solid Material Particles). Energy flow was now in 4 dimesions/directions - Swastika has its origin at this level.

Love/Gravity being the Prime Energy at each level; the Prime Energy (symbolized by Agni), and the four energy-forms, are regarded as the 5 Sukshma (Subtle) tatvas viz Aakash, Vayu, Jal, Prithvi, and Agni; (Panch-Maha-Bhut) - 5 senses and 5 organs of action has its root at this level.

Because of further spontaneous inter-actions between these energy patterns, 84 elements that constitute all animate and in-animate forms, colours, and existence; emerged in our Solar System. (Scientists say there are 105 elements of which 84 are stable - 21 are radio-active and cannot be found in nature)

Pyramid Energy Force Field contains energy vibrations of all these Energy Particles. Man knew about the beneficial effects of Pyramid Energy System even 6,000 years back. This is evident from the use of Pyramid Geometric shapes in numerous structures viz Pyramids, Temples etc. and the use of geometric patterns like Swastika in the Rangoli made at the door step of every Indian household to ward off Negative Energies and create a Positive Energy environment at home and at work place.

Ancient sciences and knowledge was consciously forsaken by man during the last about 80 years in the wake of Industrial Revolution which eventually brought about a new but somewhat irrational concept of forsaking all traditions and customs irrespective of their true merits.

People around the world were quite irrationally led by the scientific, rational, powerful, and influential opinion leaders, to opt for only that which the Modern Scientists have verified and tested in their laboratories with their new and modern (always state of the art???) instruments.

Public and the Government was made to believe that the Modern Medicine Industry was in reality, re-searching all ailments and drugs, very scientifically, in contrast with the ancient practices which were base-less - not being based on modern scientific evidence.

Scientists across the globe have been awed by the sheer size of the Giza (Egypt) Pyramid - 450 feet tall - occupying 13 acres of land - using 2.6 million stones - smallest stone weighing 2 tons - biggest stone weighing 70 tons

The main chamber of the Giza pyramid incorporates Pythagorean theorem. Plato in Timaeus has declared Pythagorean theorem to be the building block of the universe.

Looking down the descending passage of the Giza pyramid, into a reflecting water tank, one could determine the speed of a star's orbit. This system is quite similar to the one used even today in our modern observatories.

Scientists thought at one time, that mummification prevents decay of the dead body cells of the mummies kept within Pyramid Space.

So why did the Egyptians create such an unusual and massive Pyramid structure to place the mummified bodies?

And even more pertinent question was :- How did they create such a massive structure, 5,000 years back, without the modern day technology and equipments? Because all the engineers of the world today - together cannot re-create the Great Giza Pyramid - They neither have the technique or the equipment to do so.

The scientists' attention has been therefore focused on these issues for the past 80 years. Many independent and state funded research programs have been going on.

The Break-Through:-

Dr. Bovis (France) was involved in a similar research program and he saw (about 40 years back) a stray cat, which had died after entering the Pyramid. The cat's body was obviously NOT MUMMIFIED - and yet - he observed that its dead body was not decaying for weeks.

He thought therefore, that some invisible Energy Field present within the Pyramid Space is preventing the decay of the dead body cells - by keeping the dead cells in perfect harmony. His path-breaking research revealed that all life forms and all matter, when placed within the Pyramid Space of a scale model, improved in performance, behavior, and appearance. e.g.

Flowers grew better and faster within Pyramid Space as compared to out-side.

Fruit and Food products had longer shelf life within Pyramid Space.

Foods (coffee, fruit, etc) improved in taste and flavor when stored within Pyramid Space.

A shaving blade stored within Pyramid Space could be used for 100 shaves as compared to an un-energized blade, which could not be used after 2 shaves.

All dead animals placed within Pyramid Space did not decay for several weeks.

Those who used his scale model Pyramid reported better sleep, improved meditation, reduced fatigue, relief in symptoms of aches and pains, asthma, etc.

When the result of these experiments were presented to the world, thousands around the world began to research Pyramid Energy Systems.

Pyramid Energy System, was found to have application in,

  1. healing
  2. agro-products to increase the yield and quality of crop;
  3. Ionizing air particles for cleaner environment;
  4. Energizing drinking water for better health and digestion;
  5. Re-charging dry battery cells;
  6. Polishing tarnished jewelry;
  7. Relieving fatigue and tension;
  8. Meditation; etc.

Pyramid can be of any material size or shape. The selection will depend upon the purpose. e.g. If liver cells are to be healed then we need a Pyramid that has energy vibrations of healthy liver cells in such strength as to bring about healing of dis-harmonious liver cells within a reasonable time. For healing of liver the best material would be Gold.

Wooden Pyramid will be best for Depression. Marble Pyramid will be best for Digestive System.

Energy Frequencies can be manipulated by choosing Material, Size, Shape, and Colour as Energy Force Fields are a product of these four variables.

Anyone can make Pyramids at home - millions have done it in the past 15 years all over the world. One needs to be careful in choosing the materials, size, shape, colour, and the place where it is made, and who makes it.

Pyramid acts like an antenna. It captures geological, biological, and cosmic Energy Particles. So if the Energy Particles captured by the Pyramid happens to be Negative (weak) - then the Energy Force Field will be Negative. This is why proper knowledge of Pendulum Dowsing System is most essential before venturing into making of Pyramid Energy System.

Energy Force Field of our home and work place will drain our bio-energy (physical and mental) if it is Negative. This will cause fatigue and tension dis-proportionate to our activity and situation. Over a period one will become tension prone, irritable, angry, and depressed. The decision making ability, inter-personal relations, and performance will become impaired. Such person will not enjoy life nor be at peace with himself despite having all material comforts of life.

By placing appropriate Pyramid Energy System, the Energy Force Field of the land and building will be transformed into Positive (strong or healthy) and the person's bio-energy will now be supplemented instead of being depleted. So he will feel less fatigue and tension and will have surplus energy to meet the demands and pressures of daily work/life.

As he will have surplus energy, he will be less agitated by problem situations. So less irritated - less angry - less depressed - over a period this leads to better decisions, harmony, inter-personal relations, performance. So more satisfaction in life/work leading to harmony and happiness.

People in Positive Energy Force Field get better sleep, live healthier life, are more satisfied, meditate better, have greater immunity against stress, fatigue, infection, and disease.

Pyramid can be used by:-

keeping them underground

simply placing them on the bed side table

hanging two dimensional Pyramid Geometric Energy Patterns on any wall of your home or office or factory

placing under the bed or inside your cupboard

placing Pre-Energized 2 dimensional cards (like visiting cards) inside the shirt pocket or wallet or purse

drinking water energized within Pre-Energized Copper Glass

sticking Pre-Energized stickers on the TV, AC, Cars


One can make a Pyramid at home for experimentation or education. There are Pyramid Kits available in many book stores.

All you need to do is cut 4 pieces of card-board in triangular shapes. e.g. 3*3*3 inches on all 3 sides. Join the 4 pieces with cello-tape. Your Pyramid is ready. Paint it white or use a white card sheet.

Take a pendulum and hold it over the Pyramid - if it moves clockwise the Energy Force Field is Positive. If it moves anti-clockwise the Energy Force Field is Negative.

This Pyramid will be good for meditation - provided that the Energy Force Field of the place where it is built is Positive. Else it may aggravate problems. One can use a Pendulum to determine whether the Energy Force Field of a place is Positive or Negative. 

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